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Citius / Altius / Fortius

A sophisticated software complex designed specifically to ensure the full technological cycle and business processes of chain pharmacies.

9 key criteria that the system meets

  • modular microservice architecture with variable licensing system
  • balanced cost of ownership and development
  • targeting the networks of the corporate segment
  • scalable solution
  • continuous development and improvement of the product
  • modular self-sufficient execution
  • flexible integration with other information accounting and analytical systems
  • high speed
  • fast centralized automatic update of modules and components.

PC-Cititus © – a fast workplace of the first desk. Front office with a flexible search system, ordering, recommendation center, integration with external social services, loyalty programs, KPI and CRM.

PC-Altius © – a powerful pharmacy back-office for the manager. Accounting operations, incoming control, automatic calculation of the need, electronic orders, reports, administration of the address space, reports, logging of user actions, integrated CRM, basic pricing, access to the balance of network pharmacies.

PC-Fortius © – a strong complex of joint work of the central office of the network.
Central databases of checks and documents, user administration, analytics and formation of loyalty program rules, administration of corporate service rules, additional sales, recommendation system, CRM, order aggregator.

All this and much more with integration into any existing landscape of the Customer’s information systems.