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IT solutions and services
for your business

49000, Ukraine, Dnipro city, blv. Nauki, 40

Our services:​

Business process automation

Integration and development of software systems of any complexity, design and production of hardware-software complexes based on our products as well as custom-built solutions…

Cabling networks design and installation

We undertake the tasks of designing and installing structured cabling networks of any complexity across Ukraine…

IT Outsourcing

Programmers, system administrations, business analysts, testers, remote tech support, IT teams for your business…

Maintenance Service

Various forms of maintenance of your working stations, office, fiscal, and weighting equipment, equipment substitution…

Contact Center

For projects, service, and support of internal and external users…

Complex Maintenance Support Service

For your power networks and plumbing, cooling facilities, ventilation, and air conditioning…


Dear community!

In the pursuit of improvement and meeting the needs of our customers, we are constantly developing: expanding the range of services; we improve and optimize business processes, which directly affects quality; we introduce new technologies; we use sophisticated complex solutions with an individual approach; we work and study together with industry leaders. We invite you to a partnership: we are open to cooperation with Customers, Partners, specialists who can become a part of the company! A company that aims to be technological, innovative, customer-oriented, effective partnership and high quality services.
Sincerely, CEO Roman Luchkov

About us

The head office of the distribution company in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro, has become the focus of cooperation with the leaders in the retail and logistics market since 2007. Tsya energy made it possible to induce one of the most ambitious services on the territory of all the lands from the most distinguished families, as well as the overturned partners.

Complicated tasks, as we rose at once from our Deputies, to slay us with confirmation, and that we were informed by our Products.

Products, services, projects, software development is a small part of the endless stream of development of ourselves and our Partners, which is practiced in Ukraine. It is understandable to the very business of life from all the possibilities, refinement.

With us, it’s handy, for me, set the order at the very same hour.

the fate of our customers’ technologies in the field of automation, software, infrastructure solutions, whatever the complexity


We provide IT outsourcing services throughout Ukraine


% of Ukrainian retail in servicing RCC and fixed equipment, outsourcing of IT services


objects of different scale were owned by SCS for the participation of our fahivtsiv


working positions of the cashier throughout Ukraine, possessing the software of our distribution

We are trusted with the best