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Does your enterprise own ф network of retail locations, offices, or branches?

Do you find it effective to focus on your primary priorities, leaving the maintenance of your equipment and computers to the professionals?

Are you seeking the ensure uninterrupted functioning of your network and consolidated responsibility?

  • We will take care of it it for you.


Our client support and maintenance service is available for shops, pharmacies, offices, banking and postal branches.

We coordinate with centralized services of the client as well as directly with the end user. Inquiries are accepted both through an integration of the automated customer’s systems and via dispatcher’s phone.

Our maintenance service is available according to the following lines of service:

  • 1st line of service – dispatchers tasked with identifying the nature of the request, initial diagnostics, appointment of the responsible personnel, execution following, and supervision
  • 2nd line of service – specialists for remote support and troubleshooting
  • 3rd line of service – on-site specialists for direct maintenance and troubleshooting for issues that cannot be resolved remotely
  • 4th line of service – specialized professionals engaged in complex cases – programmers, lead administrators, supervisors

We support any facilities anywhere in Ukraine with the involvement of staff members, branch employees, and contractors – you obtain a full range of quality and accountability from a single source.

We’re always on time, always by your side!

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