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Who needs outsourcing?

If you are aiming to reduce the costs of your non-primary activities.

If you are lacking specialists.

If you do not possess the necessary experience to solve a given issue.

Our company has extensive expertise in IT support provision and supplying specialists to software development, operations, and information system administration teams.


Our company provides the following services:

  •  software development in cooperation with your specialists, whether it is outsourcing, outstaffing, or a combined team;
  • services for operation, information systems administration and maintenance, support of working stations and HelpDesk, ServiceDesk users;
  • project activities. Any head of the company or IT director relies on their information technology department to receive the following services that are both high-quality and predictable from the financial standpoint:
  • Overall reliable functioning of the information systems; – Assurance of information security, confidential information integrity, and fault tolerance of the existing services;
  • IT development planning within the general company strategy;
  • Effective implementation of new technologies; – Assurance of flexibility and versatility depending on the changes in business processes, new projects, and company priorities;
  • Predictability and transparency of information technologies costs;
  • Timely recommendations regarding “bottlenecks” elimination and IT-branch development.

Our company effectively supplements the IT departments of our clients or takes full responsibility for IT infrastructure development, information systems support, refinement or programming, project management, and documentation.

Other services:

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