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Comlpex allows you to control temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide composition, network voltage, current, presence, pressure, weight, position, vibration, etc. from a relatively infinite number and variety of sensors. All data with a given frequency is stored in the database, and according to the given rules of the system’s behavior, script control of the devices takes place – turning them on/off, regulation.

Special controllers are used for management, control, and monitoring, data is stored in a single centralized database, and access to them, analytics, and scenario builder is done via the Web.

The complex is needed for chain stores, warehouses, production facilities to perform tasks from monitoring and data analysis to reduce electricity or heating costs to use in production tasks, such as recognizing the face of a worker, controlling the dose of liquid, starting the next cycle after the completion of the previous one. There are examples of using the system for security purposes in transport logistics.

The system is open for integrations and feature extensions.